It does not matter where you live or own your business, crime is a reality. As a business owner, you need to take the threat seriously and take measures to safeguard your business.

We have put together a guide to help you keep your staff, premises, and income safe. We are going to look at CCTV systems, intruder alarm systems and why combing the two are so important.

Closed Circuit TV – CCTV

What is CCTV?

CCTV is mainly used as a way to monitor surroundings. It is a closed network system, so it is not open to the public. CCTV makes use of cameras placed in tactical places in the property. Your footage can be stored on a DVR, digital video recorder. The DVR is useful for playing back videos to show the police or to help business decisions.

Why should you use CCTV?

CCTV is useful in a business for numerous reasons:

Deter criminals from damaging your premises

  • Protect your business stock
  • Stop theft in your business
  • Protect your staff from criminals
  • Employees will not be tempted to steal or commit other crimes
  • Keep an eye on the business and operations, such as restocking

Key Benefits of CCTV

Feeling secure

Security at your business premises gives you peace of mind. The safety of your business and your staff is important. A commercial CCTV security system will help to keep you and your staff feeling safe and secure.

Crime prevention

CCTV is a visible deterrent to criminals. By securing your business you make it a less appealing target.


CCTV footage is hard to ignore. That is why Prosecutors like to use it as evidence in court. CCTV footage is key to a case.

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring your business has never been easier. You can view the footage live or recorded from anywhere in the world. Modern technology allows you to log into the cameras on your tablet or smartphone.

Combine CCTV and Intruder alarms

Not only does the alarm and CCTV combination make it even more difficult for criminals, but keeps you informed. Intruder alarm companies will notify you if your alarm is going off. When you get the notification, usually by phone you can remotely check your cameras.

Save on your insurance

Take the time to contact your insurance company, speak to them about a discount on your premiums. Some insurers offer reduced premiums for added security.

High-Quality Low Price

CCTV camera systems have become increasingly popular. Business security systems have become far more economic. The majority of closed-circuit tv security systems are in High definition.

What kinds of cameras are on the market?

Modern CCTV systems come in a variety of choices. Each one has its own benefits. Your professional installation company will be able to help you establish which one is best for you.

Analogue cameras – more economical and stable. Does record in HD. Digital Video Recorders store the footage for later playback.

High Definition cameras – Less economical than analogue but records clearer images. Cameras maximum capacity is 2.2 megapixels. high definition and a clearer image. These are common now. The maximum is 2.2. megapixels. To store the footage and images you need a High Definition video recorder.

Internet Protocol or network cameras – IP cameras are top of the range. You will pay more for an IP camera than an HD or analogue but it is worth the price. You can choose between wired or wireless and these cameras can go up to 5 megapixels. An IP camera can be connected to a local recorder or a network.

DVR/HDVR – Digital video recorders and High Definition recorders store the footage from the camera. The hard drive capacity on the recorders is important.

Privacy and Data Protection

Make sure that your installation company is up to date with any regulations regarding CCTV cameras.

Intruder Alarms

What is an intruder alarm?

Intruder alarm systems make use of sensors and circuits to keep entrances and exits safe. Rooms are protected with special sensors. The monitors will trigger the alarm if there are people in the room when it is meant to be empty. Triggering an intruder alarm will notify the owner or designated person by phone and in most cases, the alarm makes a loud sound. Some alarm systems are monitored by a security firm or the police, they will be notified when the alarm is triggered.

What are the Benefits of an Intruder Alarm?

Owning a business makes you a potential target of a crime. Make your business as unwelcoming as possible to criminals.

  • Deter criminals from vandalizing or robbing your business
  • Protect your stock and equipment.
  • A sense of security.
  • Loud noises that can be heard outside the premises and attracts attention, not what a criminal wants.
  • Activated alarms decrease the time a criminal can steal from you
  • Optional monitoring by your security company and police.
  • Activated alarms alert a responsible person. Cameras can be viewed remotely to monitor the situation.
  • Your insurance company is more likely to give you a reduced insurance premium.

What kind of Alarms are there?

Wireless alarms – very efficient alarms and easy to install. Great for home security systems. The only cable is a phone cable.

Wired Alarm systems – very stable alarm systems, the components are linked using wires.

Bell only – this is an economical alarm system that only makes a noise and notifies the keyholder or owner.

Monitored alarm systems: Security companies monitor your alarm and if it is triggered, they send the alert to your mobile phone. Police can investigate after they get notified by the security company. You get a phone call or message from the monitoring company to notify you of the alarm. Intruder alarm systems that are linked to a security company have to be installed by certified installers and often have a maintenance plan.

Businesses can definitely benefit from monitored alarm systems but always shop around.


Resolving any security issues is vitally important to the welfare of your business and staff. Crime is on the increase everywhere and reducing your vulnerability is the best way to keep criminals out of your premises.

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