December is a great time of the year for most of us. It is festive season and almost every household is looking forward to planning family vacations and traveling both locally and across the globe. It’s a time to be merry, as nice as this is, it is important to point out that the festive season is also the most alarming season of the year, where the rate of crime and house burglaries are at their highest.

As a leading security company, we have been in the security business for years and advise all homeowners to conduct mandatory and detailed security audits around their homes before embarking on a holiday, in order to find any security bugs/problems that might need attention. These security audits are very easy to do in your own house and can be done anytime, such as ensuring that your doors are locked securely every day, that your windows/blinds are shut, and that camera and alarm sensors are in great working condition, in order to function efficiently.

In addition to this, checking the merits of the monitored alarm system is very important. We offer features such as back-to-base system household alarms, which can be linked to the monitoring center that is working right through the holidays. This is put in place so that should the alarm go off in your home, you receive immediate notification, which will alert the company to dispatch a patrol car to your house.

Our firm prides itself in being up to speed with the latest advances, going as far as to offer an Interactive security system as part of our package. This allows you to monitor the alarm using your cell phone, advanced watch, or laptop, giving you full auditory access and control over your home wherever you are in the world. This system will notify you if there is someone in your house. There is also an option of live streaming, which customers can choose to have installed in their homes, to give them a view into their house at any time, which activates by monitoring movement.

Here are a few handy tips before you pack your bags

  • Make sure that you hide all your jewellery items in small spaces, that are hard to reach and not obvious, or install a secure, hidden safe
  • When planning a holiday, be discreet and don’t post your plans on social media. Leave the uploads until after you get back
  • Ensure that you have a clear view of how your house looks from the outside to passersby, so that there is nothing that may make it obvious that you are not home
  • Stop newspaper and magazine deliveries and if possible, have someone collect the post for you (or switch to electronic bills as far as possible)
  • Only disclose plans to close family, so that they can keep an eye on your house while you are away
  • Double-check locks and if possible install remote control lighting systems so it can appear as if someone is home.
  • If you dont have an alarm system or CCTV consider getting one installed. These are great deterrents to criminals who will often skip the house with obvious camera system to move onto houses less likely to record them in the act. Also if you have an existing system, consider getting a maintenance check if its not been looked at for over a year.

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