Let’s have a look at the 7 main benefits of having CCTV system at your home. CCTV is the official abbreviation for closed circuit television. There are a lot of benefits to having a camera system at home, but we are going to have a look at the 7 top benefits. Make sure that you use a reputable company that uses high quality equipment.

Key Benefits

  1. Sense of peace in your home
  2. Prevent and discouraging crime
  3. Arrest and prosecution
  4. Away from home monitoring
  5. Added safety with alarm system
  6. Savings on monthly insurance Premiums
  7. Technological advances

Sense of peace in your home

The first and best benefit of Closed Circuit TV is a feeling of safety. Your home and family feel more secure in your own home. Contact professional installers in your neighbourhood. CCTV systems go a long way to giving your family peace of mind, knowing you can monitor your home from a safe place.

Prevent and discourage crime

No matter where you live; Caboolture or Morayfield, Wamuran or Burpengary criminals prefer an easy target. Professionally installed CCTV systems encourage criminals to go somewhere else. Closed Circuit TV does not only deter intruders but vandals too, and any other unwanted behaviour.

Arrest and Prosecution

CCTV systems are a deterrent; they do not guarantee no crime will be committed. If a brazen thief still enters your home the footage helps the police catch the perpetrator because they can identify them. Once an arrest is made, footage of the crime and the criminal make it easier for the prosecution to make a case, and jail the offender.

Away from home monitoring

Modern technology has advanced CCTV systems. Not only do you not need a special computer with a bank of screens anymore, but you can monitor remotely. You need a secure internet link and a smart phone, laptop or pc or even your mobile phone for viewing. So, on your weekend away, visit with friends or at your office you can monitor what is happening in your home. Another great advantage is that you can monitor any situation from a safe distance and notify the police.

Added safety with an alarm system

Alarm systems combined with CCTV creates a fool proof way to monitor your home. A trigger of the alarm system activates a call or message to your mobile phone. Monitoring the cameras from anywhere in the world means you can see if it is a false alarm or not; then take the necessary actions, of either contacting the police or notifying your alarm monitoring company.

Save on monthly insurance premiums

Saving money in the current economic climate is a definite plus. Contact your insurer to find out about reducing your monthly premium if you have CCTV.

Technological advances

The days of grainy footage, only in black and white are a thing of the past. The advances in technology not only improved the images to the point where you can recognise people on the footage, but brought down the price of these systems too. Using a digital video recorder, installed by an experienced installer allows you to record high definition footage. The benefits of having closed circuit television far out-weigh the reduced prices.

You have the seven key benefits of installing CCTV cameras and recording systems. Make sure that the installing company you use are experienced and professional.

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