The air is breezy and the days have gotten a little longer, Spring is officially upon us. While many of us see this delightful warm weather as an opportunity to open windows and doors and let some of that glorious spring freshness inside our homes, so too do thieves view this time of year as an opportunistic rally while we innocently let our guards down.

While getting our homes ready for the season of spring with the annual spring clean, it is highly recommended that we also use this time to conduct regular security checks to aid in the fight against home invasions.

Below is a 5 step guide that is sure to guarantee a safer home:

1. Be on the lookout for security threats such as quick access

You can never really think like a thief unless you put yourself in a thief’s shoes. It is advisable to walk the perimeter of your home preferably with a second pair of eyes, assuming the role of a thief. In simpler terms, look for any possible way a thief could use to gain entry to your home and items around the property. The garage shed and laundry room doors are often areas we could easily forget to secure. Make sure all these areas are safe against easy access. Use this time as an added opportunity to check how secure latches are on windows and doors are. It might come as a surprise to find a broken lock or latch you were otherwise unaware of.

2. Ensure there is no room for a thief to play hide and seek

Intruders may seem simple but they are highly skilled in their thinking. Trees, hedges, and shrubs could make for a perfect hiding spot if an alarm is set off or a dog has been alerted. This could lead you to believe it is no cause for concern when the intruder could be hiding in a spot you may have overlooked. No existing hiding spots make it a less likely environment for thieves to thrive in. If you inhabit a double-story home, ensure there are no overhanging trees or drain pipes close to the external boundary walls as these loopholes could provide easy access to the upper level of your home. Items such as tools, ladders, and wheelie bins should be put away in an effort to prevent burglars from gaining access to your home.

3. Make use of motion detection lights

Another easy and affordable way to keep intruders at bay is to install motion detection lights. An additional tip is to ensure these lights are strategically positioned around the garage and all entrance points of the home. It is important to place the lights high enough to prevent intruders from disabling them.

4. Kill two birds with one stone

Upgrading your security screens will not only keep the creepy crawlies out but simultaneously act as an added measure of security against enthusiastic intruders. Replacing worn-out mesh with stronger layers of new mesh and bug stronger screens will deny burglars further access to your home. While safety chains on doors can be easily broken, a security screen can be an added layer of protection. These screens also aid in greater visibility making it easier to identify whoever is outside.

5. Experts are experts for a reason

Consult with the experts. Contact our specialist team to assist with your home security audit. Once you have scheduled a free consultation, one of our licensed professionals will audit your home and offer the necessary advice on precautionary measures that should be taken in order to make your home a safe haven in the warmer months. A professional home security system incorporates motion detection, back-to-base monitoring, and 24/7 surveillance cameras. You might be surprised at how affordable it really is to keep your home safe. Who better to trust than people who keep homes safe for a living?

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