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In the times we live in, it is very important that we protect out businesses as well as our homes. We offer a variety of products and services for your commercial property.  Some of the products we offer include: CCTV, Access Control, 24/7 monitoring, fire and smoke detection and more. Our qualified staff can assess your needs and recommend suitable products to meet your individual business requirements.


Packages can include external and internal video surveillance systems which can include recording, live viewing and network video devices. These systems can range from a very basic system to monitor for burglaries, shoplifting and more to complex systems with multiple cameras and can include motion detection systems which automatically trigger alerts. No matter how small or how large your business, we can find a solution that offers all the security you may need.

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Security monitoring

Protect your business when you or your staff are not there. 24/7 back-to-base security monitoring allows a quick response when the alarm is triggered so that action can be taken quickly. We can monitor your current system or install a new system. We can also make these smart to sequence with you open/close times, smoke alarms, intruder alerts for both internal and outdoor monitoring. These alert can be setup to go you to where you can check the premise physically or via remote camera feeds .Alternately we can have these monitored by a 24/7 response team.

Access Control

You can control who enters your building as well as what areas people can access. These systems can be set with various levels allowing people access to their work spaces while limiting access to approved visitors or restricting access completely to unwanted visitors. This improves security and reduces your exposure to would-be criminals. These systems help protect your assets, information as well as your employees. These systems can also be used to track movement in your building. Access control can be linked with other security systems, allowing camera viewing of high-risk areas, cutting off access to areas deemed hazardous in an emergency situation and more.

Fire monitoring

We offer 24/7 fire monitoring to ensure that emergency services are called immediately in the event of a fire on the premises. We understand that fast, effective fire response can reduce losses to your business and we strive to ensure an efficient service to reduce danger and expense related to fire and smoke.  We can also assist in ensuring you have effective measures in place to reduce losses such as smoke alarms, sprinklers and so forth.

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