Our system makes use of the latest in-home security technology ​to ensure the best protection with a solution that fits your lifestyle and your budget. iFob technologies help you to disarm and arm your system remotely and can even be set up with a home automation system to turn on appliances and lighting to create an illusion of someone being at home. This is great for when you are away for a few days as a deterrent to would-be thieves. You are able to monitor your home from your PC, tablet or smartphone, wherever you may be.

What are the benefits of a self-monitoring iFob Control System?

  • You can feel more secure when you are away from home or business

  • View and control any number of sites and multiple areas

  • Operate doors and control outputs

  • Receive notifications of events as they occur

  • Remote panic button option

  • There is some cost saving monitoring your own events

  • View control panel history

  • Real time zone status

Speak to us about a solution that works for you when it comes to self-monitoring with iFob Control. The alarm systems that are compatible with iFob Control are:-
Bosch Solution 6000 with ethernet module. There is no need to make changes to most routers as port forwarding is not required. If you don’t have Bosch 6000 contact us for a comprehensive quote on setting up a system that is suitable for self-monitoring and can help you achieve peace of mind, knowing your systems are protected by good quality products and systems installed by professionals.