Security Cameras: A Must Have For Business

Due to the overwhelming increase in crime and vandalism, many homes and business are recognizing the need for round the clock protection to view your home or business 24/7 with CCTV surveillance system.

Choosing the right camera system can seem like a daunting task Our professional design team can design and install a system for you. Our systems can be installed and setup to be viewed by smart phones or tablets with apps available for both iOS and Android devices. There is also software available to access systems via PC/Laptops both Windows or MAC. This allows the viewing both live and recorder images. All systems are protected by unique username and passwords. The hub of our CCTV systems is a network video recorder (NVR) with hard drives and combined with LCD monitor or view on existing television.

Talk to us about what would suit your home or business and we can come up with a security plan for your unique situation.

What can CCTV systems do?

  • Provide real-time recording on every channel

  • Single audio input that can be assigned to any or all channels.

  • Local, cloud or USB backup

  • 2-way talk-back

  • Cutting edge compression technology

  • Provide interior and exterior monitoring

  • Access to images and recorded video

  • Integration with your current security systems

  • Added security when you are away from your home or business

What does DVR and NVR mean?

DVR is Digital Video Recorder(s) which is used in conjunction with with CCTV system to record the image data.

NVR is Network Video Recorder which is used with network cameras for remote access to both live views and recorded images. NVR can be used on a standard IP network. The NVR in conjunction with the network cameras capture and transmit images and video over a network.