Some of the connection types include:

What we can monitor?

This allows for monitoring of your home as well as perimeter sensors to monitor if anyone gains access to your property. These can be used independently allowing you to move around your home secure in the knowledge that your alarm will be activated if someone crosses the perimeter. This allows for more notice and quicker reactions to the situation. Intruder alarms on the home can be activated on entrances as well as motion detectors in spaces in the home.

Fire and Medical Alarms:
Hard-wired smoke detectors in your home will trigger a signal to the security monitoring centre in the case of smoke or heat detection. Normal smoke detectors will only alert you if you are home. The hard-wired detectors will allow you to be notified wherever you are, allowing for quicker emergency response.

Personal Emergency Responses & Duress Alarms:
Panic buttons allow for a quick response in an emergency or distress situation. This is especially helpful for people alone at home or who may need instant medical assistance. It can be used for a variety of purposes to get you the necessary assistance you may require.