There are various systems available to cater for your individual needs. The purpose of the medical alarm system is to get help in the case of a medical emergency. Most systems have a wireless transmitter that can be activated to alert the monitoring station that emergency medical attention is required. Some systems also allow for reaching out to next of kin or other private emergency contacts. While these systems are generally recommended for disabled or elderly people, they may prove useful for people that live alone or who are vulnerable medically.

Types of devices that are commonly used include:

  • Devices worn on a belt

  • Devices worn as a pendant

  • Devices integrated into a wristband

  • Radar based room detectors

  • Hard wired motion detectors

  • Smart phone systems

The devices are split into active and passive systems. Active systems need the user to push a button or otherwise trigger the alarm manually. Passive systems make use of algorithms which can detect lack of activity, falls and so forth. Active devices need the user to be able to consciously activate the system to call for help. Passive systems are able to trigger the alarm based on their programming. These systems can include other accessories such as temperature changes, CO2 detection, flood detectors and more.