We all know that securing your house is a priority. Garage security is not always a priority. Your home can be accessed through the garage in many instances and this is a fact often overlooked. Not to mention people often store valuables in their garage that can be costly to replace. We have put together a guide to help you choose the best security system for your garage.

Install CCTV cameras

CCTV security systems are an effective deterrent; a criminal prefers easy access and a escape without being noticed. Strategically placed CCTV cameras make that more difficult if not impossible. If there is an intruder that breaks into your garage, catching the intruder is made simpler and prosecution is easier. Camera footage is almost always irrefutable evidence in court.

Technology makes it possible for you to monitor the cameras remotely. If the security system picks up movement you get notified. You can check your cameras from anywhere and determine if it is a false alarm or not. If not, you can get the authorities on the way as soon as possible.

Install an alarm system

Intruder alarm systems are another great criminal deterrent. Activated security systems are triggered if the garage door is opened. The alarms are audible which alerts people around the house to the intruder. Some alarm systems connect to an app on your smartphone. You can activate or deactivate the system remotely.

Alarm systems may include monitored, unmonitored, or bell only. Alarm systems that are considered as monitored get observed by either the police or a security monitoring company. Unmonitored alarm systems still notify the owner if triggered, if you have the app, but you have to call in the authorities yourself. Bell alarm systems simply make an audible noise that will alert neighbours and bystanders.

Shield your garage door lock

This is an economical and easy-to-use system. You cover the cord that you use in an emergency situation, preventing the intruder from breaking in. This system is for people with automated garage doors only.

Brighten the area

Bright light by your garage will help deter criminals. If the garage is in darkness intruders will be more inclined to break in. Make sure that you have high-quality lighting. It may be a bit more expensive but you will get consistent lighting and better value for money.

You should install the light roughly 12 ft. above the ground. You need to make sure to inspect the light regularly to make sure it is working correctly.

Keep your remote on your keychain

Make sure your remote is with your keys. That way you always know where it is. Leaving your remote in your car or near a window makes it so much easier for a burglar to enter your home, through the garage. Remote garage openers are inexpensive and make life a lot more convenient. This is obviously only for automated garage doors. If your garage has a manual override key, make sure to keep this in a safe place.


Keeping your home and garage safe will need some spending initially. There are economic ways to ensure burglars stay out of your garage, some of which are very effective. To ensure the safety of your garage and home, combining more than one of our tips is very effective. Give us a call if you need advice on securing your garage.

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